Hungarian House

141 Sunrise Avenue, Toronto, M4A 1A9

Hungarian language, literature, history, geography, folk singing and folk dancing instructions

Kindergarten from 3 years of age. Since 1975.

Information: Flynné Székely Kinga

Tel: 416-804-6014 kinga.szekely.flynn@rogers.com


Registration: Saturday, September 16, 9:00-11:00 am

Corn Harvest Pictures from Kindergarten

What purpose does the Hungarian School serve?

It allows for a better relationship and more understanding between parent and child. It fosters self esteem and pride in our cultural heritage. It provides an additional language enhancing the cultural dimension of our youth.

What is the cost?

A basic family charge of $190 plus $60 per child provides each child with text books, note books, pencils and crayons. Thus a family with one child will pay $250 and a family with 2 children will pay $310, etc. Single parents and new immigrants may pay by installments or ask for reduced rates if needed.

What is our curriculum?

Hungarian Literature, Grammar, History, Geography and Folk Singing. Folk-dance instruction is provided as an optional afternoon activity.

Is there a Kindergarten?

We accept toilet-trained children from age 4.

Is Hungarian a recognized language credit?

Students who successfully complete our grade 8 program may enroll in the Secondary School Hungarian Credit Courses and receive credits toward their OSSD, similar to other language credits such as French.

Can we see our children on stage?

Several times during each year our students show their progress through stage appearances in the various celebrations of the Cultural Centre and in our own programs. They may sing, dance, recite poetry, play an instrument or take part in a play.

In what annual programs do the children appear?

Those organized by the school: Christmas Concert, “Farsang” in February, Poetry Recitals and our Closing Ceremonies.
Traditional Remembrance Day celebrations organized by the Cultral Centre: October 23 rd Revolution, March 15th Freedom Fight, Árpád Day in April, and Heroes’ Day in May.

What constitutes a school year?

Saturdays from early September to the first week-end in June